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  • GO has an LC of 4.000kg in top-over lashing
  • 50mm strap-width
  • GO is ideal for heavy load securing applications

Achieve a 35% faster load securing with our ERGOLASH® GO model

The new innovative shaft in the ratchet allows for quick sideways insertion of the strap. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to pull the entire strap through the ratchet when load securing.

Simply insert the strap sideways in seconds. This feature is only available with ERGOLASH lashing straps.

Load-secure with a swipe. Swipe the lashing strap into the ratchet from Ergolash

Faster Than Conventional Lashings

With the ERGOLASH GO-models, you get lashing straps that are perfect for anyone who works with load-securing as a professional. The straps are extremely suitable for securing goods - whether it be on trucks or trailers.

When you buy ERGOLASH lashing straps, we do not compromise on quality! We strive to create lashing straps that make your life easier while still keeping the integrity and quality of the straps.

We hope you are interested in trying our ERGOLASH GO lashing straps! We argue that you will find them to be much easier and faster to use compared to conventional ratchets.


Total length, webbing See description for different variants
Width, webbing 50 mm
Material, webbing 100% polyester
LC at direct lashing 2.000 daN / 2.000 kg
LC at top-over lashing 4.000 daN / 4.000 kg
Standard Tension Force (STF) 300 daN / 300 kg
Standard Hand Force (SHF) 50 daN / 50 kg
Hook type J-hook
Ratchet type Push for tension
Compliance EN12195-2